Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mary Claire!

Dear Mary Claire,                

Tomorrow is November 1 again..... All Saints Day. This day became very special to your Daddy and I on November 1, 2006. This was your Birthday, the day we held you. A perfect, tiny, little baby girl .

We didn't have much time to prepare and after Gabriel's death I felt numb. We just went through the motions. It felt oddly familiar. We knew what to expect. But, a few years later it hit us. We were not going to be blessed again with a child. You would be the youngest. You have a very special place in our family and in our hearts. I wanted a different chapter to end this part of our married life but Jesus CHOSE you ! Mary Claire we pray every night at family prayer time for you and all of the unborn . I love you sweet baby and as we celebrate Mass  today I'm thankful for you and the blessing you are to us. Mary, I can't wait to hug you again ...but you are truly Back In His Arms Again.

Happy Sixth Birthday!


Mary Claire's Birthday Candle at the Altar of Mary today

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