Tuesday, April 30, 2013


My name is Amy Tatz. I'll be the "woman behind the curtains" of this blog most of the time though I look forward to having guest bloggers join us! 

I am fairly new to Back in His Arms Again, only learning about it after losing our son Henry at 20 weeks back in February. My family was not new to this having already lost Alex at 14 weeks back in October of 2011. 

The first time we went through the pain of losing a baby was a lot different. I was totally unable to be open about it, terrified to bring it up to people. After losing Henry, it was like something snapped. I didn't want to be silent anymore. I felt it was so unfair how many other mothers came out of the woodwork to confess their losses to me. Why didn't I know they'd been through that? Why have we been so quiet about it all? So right then and there I vowed to do things differently this time through. I have shared very honestly with my friends and family and now I hope to do the same with our readers here!

I have two children here on Earth. Ella is a beautiful five year old and Kevin is a spunky three year old. I love how easy it's been to explain this to them- the accept the most simple answers because they aren't yet old enough to question the things they don't really understand.

Losing a baby is an experience that's totally unique to you. No one's experience is the same. Not even my two experiences have been the same, but I am always more than happy to share them with other mothers in hopes that the things we have gone through might help them in some way.


  1. Amy,

    I am sure this blog will be a wonderful meeting place for those parents experiencing child loss. When I lost my son some years ago, I had nobody to share my grief with. I would have loved to have had access to a blog like this one. I must add the link to my blog. God bless!

  2. Sue-
    Thank you! I honestly can't imagine not having anyone to share with. I feel like it's isolating enough without other shoulders to lean on. God bless!